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Juries and Mixed Courts in Civil-Law Systems. Part I: Europe

Juries are a form of lay participation in court proceedings, in that juries are empaneled with lay persons selected for a given case. They act as triers of fact, whereas the judge acts as the trier of law. Juries date … Continue reading

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Yes, you read that right! And it’s quite intriguing to see a number of online posts, articles and even websites of law firms talking about “notaries public” (“NP”) in their civil-law jurisdictions, when in the US we have civil-law notaries … Continue reading

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Classbase: an excellent resource for translators handling academic documents and/or school records

I came across this site, while researching the grading system in Mexico, that I have found helpful when translating diplomas, transcripts, school certificates, syllabuses and other school-related documents for individuals: On there you can find information on the education … Continue reading

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New in the SpanPort Blogosphere

As I think about what to share and post in this blog, here is this buzzfeed page that popped up somewhere within my social media circle of multilingual friends: 17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Studied A Foreign Language … Continue reading

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