Classbase: an excellent resource for translators handling academic documents and/or school records

I came across this site, while researching the grading system in Mexico, that I have found helpful when translating diplomas, transcripts, school certificates, syllabuses and other school-related documents for individuals:

On there you can find information on the education system, grading system, academic credentials and a list of universities in a given country. I certainly believe this is not only useful for those translating to or from Spanish, Portuguese or English, but also to or from numerous other languages as this site presents such information for over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Practically every country you could ever think of.

Let’s say you want to look up Brazil and need to figure out the difference between Ensino fundamental (I & II) and Ensino médio. By clicking on “Education System” for this country, you can view a description of each of the two education categories. This is what you would see:

Brazilian education system

It is widely known that, unless an evaluation service provider, translators usually cannot give target country (i.e. U.S.) equivalents of the grades, degrees or credentials in the translation, and that clients would need to contact a credentials evaluation service provider for that (though I’m sure there is an exception to this!) However, on this same site, under Grading System for any given country, graduates or clients requiring translation of their school records can even consult the GPA calculator to get an idea of the US equivalents of their source country school grades. One can consult and compare Brazilian grades, for example, on the Double Letter Scale:

Brazil_grade conversion

Pretty cool site and features, I must say. And quite up-to-date, seemingly.

Now over to you readers, thoughts on this site? Any other related webpages or resources you might recommend for translating said documents?

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New in the SpanPort Blogosphere

As I think about what to share and post in this blog, here is this buzzfeed page that popped up somewhere within my social media circle of multilingual friends:

17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Studied A Foreign Language at University

This was just what I needed to make my day when I initially saw it. Too good to be true and hilarious! Especially for people that studied languages in the 2000s decade. If I ever need to remember the date when I started blogging or to remind myself why I ever studied Spanish as my major in college, I can at least get some laughter each time I read this again. Never a dull moment with buzzfeed, right?

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