New in the SpanPort Blogosphere

As I think about what to share and post in this blog, here is this buzzfeed page that popped up somewhere within my social media circle of multilingual friends:

17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Studied A Foreign Language at University

This was just what I needed to make my day when I initially saw it. Too good to be true and hilarious! Especially for people that studied languages in the 2000s decade. If I ever need to remember the date when I started blogging or to remind myself why I ever studied Spanish as my major in college, I can at least get some laughter each time I read this again. Never a dull moment with buzzfeed, right?

Feel free to comment below topics you would like to see addressed in this blog. You can easily follow this blog and receive updates (every time a new blog post is published) by entering your email address in the box to the right under Follow Blog Via Email. Next post coming up shortly!



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- Legal and Financial Translator (10 years) - Avid Marathon Runner (16 full marathons and 30+ half marathons)
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